Erongo Consulting Group has been leading the way in risk management and compliance in since 2015, delivering value through practical and tailored risk management solutions. Erongo Consulting Group assists businesses in managing Risk & Compliance by providing:

  • Integrated Expert Services,
  • Online Solutions & Training across Property (Asbestos & other Hazardous Materials Management, Occupational Hygiene, Property Risk)
  • Health & Safety (Health & Safety Management, Contractor Safety Management, Strategic Services), Environment (Contaminated Land & Environmental Management)
  • Emergency Management.

With over a dozen professional, technical and engineering associates, Erongo Consulting Group offers world class delivery of innovative solutions to market leading clients in a wide range of industries, including thousands of private and government clients in the infrastructure, education, property, construction, resources, industrial, manufacturing, retail and services sectors.

Erongo Consulting Group has the capital backing and balance sheet strength to partner with clients on large projects where risk is critical to commercial viability. Erongo Consulting Group delivers proactive, tailor-made solutions to risk management and compliance.