The movement of people ensures that our cities thrive and grow. Nevertheless, as the world’s population increases, and globalization and urbanisation continue to intensify, we will have to transport an ever-greater amount of people in and between towns or cities.

Overloading transportation systems results in congestion, air pollution and global warming. There is a need to rethink how we deliver transport services and shift to low-carbon modes of transportation such as trains, buses and bicycles.

  • Aviation
  • Crossings, bridges & tunnels
  • Rail systems
  • Smart mobility
  • Digital mobility lab
  • Ports & marine
  • Road & motorway
  • Project services

Transport: What Erongo Consulting Group offers

Erongo Consulting Group’s transport specialist work together with national and transport authorities and cities to develop holistic mobility solutions. We provide a range of services, spanning from project inception to the end-of-life cycle and we collaborate with contractors to ensure that transportation projects are delivered with a minimum of risk and cost.